Myrtle's Minion Farm Natasha and Myrtle's Mininion Farm Boogie are expecting babies on or around November 12th 2021.  We are taking reservations on Doelings and Bucklings.    We can also wether Bucklings if you prefer.  We ask for a $50 deposit to hold until weaning.  Doelings are $300 Bucklings are $150 and Wethers are $150.  If we don't have your desired sex the deposit will be refunded.   Kids will be brown eyed.  Goats are herd animals so if you don't currently have a herd you must purchase two. We are located at 386 N Co Rd 650 W Medora IN 47260.  Please message me to discuss putting down a $50 deposit on kids from this breeding.

Natasha and Boogie MiniMancha Goats

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