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our story of

how it all began

Joy and Weez.jpg

Joy and Weez

So we had these 20 sweet babies and my health issues were clearing up - even Bobby and the boys were noticing the benefits which was great!  

But, my hands were really taking the brunt of it.  You see, when consuming raw milk you have to use bleach to sanitize your equipment so my hands really suffered.  They would crack and bleed and it was terribly painful :(

The remedy? Raw Goat's Milk Soap!!!  Within One Week my hands were healed - seriously this is a miracle soap to me.....

It took quite a while to produce the perfect recipe.  I wasn't willing to give up because I knew my soap would be able to help so many people just like it has helped me and my family.

And that's exactly what has happened.  I am truly gratful and my heart is full to hear from so many people that love my wonderful soap as much as I do and how it has truly help their family!


Hi!  We're The Beaty's (Bobby, Joy, Alex and Noah).  So nice to virtually meet you!  We are so glad you are here :) 

A little bit about me (Joy). 

It really all started in 2015.  I was having some health troubles and my holistic doctor suggested I drink raw goat's milk. The problem is we live in Indiana and it's illegal to sell raw goat's milk for consumption so we did the only thing that we could think of -  we bought Weez, a full blooded lamancha in milk!  

I just fell in love with this sweet girl and her spunky personality - she really does remind me of the great Betty White!  

After buying Weez my husband (Bobby) said our goat limit was four max but within a year our farm had grown to 20! This is known as goat math :)


And so began my goat obsession.....

Bobby & Chicken.jpg

Bobby and Chicken

Beaty Family.jpg

Family left to right - Alex's 21st Birthday

 Fred (dad), Louise (mom), Alica (sister), Alex (son), Joy and Bobby

(Noah is not pictured)

Agnes with Kitties.jpg

Grown Up Agnes and her baby kittens

Our goats have filled a void in my life I didn't know I had.


They aren't just livestock to us they are part of of our family.


In a fast-paced world my favorite time of the day is early morning milking.


I think my sweet girls enjoy it as much as I do. They get to eat grain and I get to plan my day on the farm :)

I absolutely love my life and love my family...

Speaking of which, meet Baby Agnes!!  She's not a baby anymore but I LOVE this pictures.  This is the first moment I met her.  She was the softest baby ever.  The second I met her I fell head over heals in love <3 

Baby Agnus.jpg

Joy and baby Agnes

Agnes' birthday is November 10th, 2018 and our 'Gotcha Day' is December 24, 2018.  Her mom is Catahoula and her dad is Great Pyrenees. Isn't she the sweetest thing?  And she is such a great mom to the baby goats and even our baby kittens.

Well, that a bit about me and my family.  If you haven't had a chance to meet our goats I'd like to encourage you to do so.  Just click on the tab at the top 'Meet The Goats'.  They are so fun and have amazing personalities!

Thank you for spending a few minutes to get to know me and my family a bit.  Can't wait to meet you and hear how my soaps have helped you and your family.

Hope you have a blessed day :)

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