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Meet The Goats

The Ladies

5Serena 10.11.14.jpg

Name: Serena                    Breed: Nigerian Dwarf

Birthday: 10-11-2014

Favorite Snack: Anything Edible                       

Celebrity Alter Ego: Missy Elliot

Personality: Sassy, Independent, Free thinking woman

Meet Serena - Click to Watch Her Video

8Natasha 3.6.19.jpg

Name: Natasha              

Breed: Mini Mancha

Birthday: 3-6-2019           

Favorite Snack: Triscuits                      

Celebrity Alter Ego: Carly-Rae Jepsen

Personality: She hopes Boogie will call her maybe

Meet Natasha - Click to Watch Her Video

9Monkey 2.23.18.jpg

Name: Monkey             

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf 

Birthday: 2-23-2018         

Favorite Snack: Okra                      

Celebrity Alter Ego: Jennifer Hudson

Personality: She's a lady who knows what she likes

Meet Monkey - Click to Watch Her Video

12Boo Boo Waddles 2.8.17.jpg

Name: Boo Boo Waddles 

Breed: Mini Mancha

Birthday: 2-8-2017            

Favorite Snack: Animal Crackers                      

Celebrity Alter Ego: Halle Berry

Personality: Loving lady who's always down to cuddle

1Chicken 10.29.15.jpg

Name: Chicken

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf 

Birthday: 10-29-2015        

Favorite Snack: Anything low calorie, gotta keep my girlish figure     Celebrity Alter Ego: Jennifer Lawrence

Personality: Into high fashion, always down for costume day

2Frankie 2.22.18.jpg

Name: Frankie

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf   

Birthday: 2-22-2018      

Favorite Snack: Peanuts                     

Celebrity Alter Ego: Julia Roberts

Personality: Beautiful redhead looking for a knight in shining armor

4Love 2.14.20.jpg

Name: Love

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf

Birthday: 2-14-2020         

Favorite Snack: Strawberries                     

Celebrity Alter Ego: Hermione Granger

Personality: Young and innocent

Meet Love - Click to Watch Her Video

6Gertrude 4.15.16.jpg

Name: Gertrude

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf

Birthday: 4-15-2016         

Favorite Snack: Cheerios                      

Celebrity Alter Ego: Jennifer Aniston

Personality: All around good girl but no kids please

7Leona 2.22.15.jpg

Name: Leona

Breed: LaMancha 

Birthday: 2-12-2015                  

Favorite Snack: Lettuce                     

Celebrity Alter Ego: My Aunt Leona

Personality: Incredibly funny, Life to the party, Wonderful mom

10Felicity 2.22.18.jpg

Name: Felicity

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf 

Birthday: 2-22-2018         

Favorite Snack: Cucumbers                      

Celebrity Alter Ego: Sandra Bullock

Personality: Girl next door, Everyone's best friend

Meet Felicity - Click to Watch Her Video

11Claudia 5.7.17.jpg

Name: Claudia

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf

Birthday: 5-7-2017        

Favorite Snack: Vanilla Wafers                      

Celebrity Alter Ego: Megan Trainor

Personality: Nice, Upbeat with a good personality

13Weez 2.4.12.jpg

Name: Weez

Breed: LaMancha 

Birthday: 2-4-2012                  

Favorite Snack: Bananas                      

Celebrity Alter Ego: Betty White

Personality: I don't really need a man because I rule the herd and am everyone's favorite leader

Meet Weez - Click to Watch Her Video

14Barbie 2.15.20.jpg

Name: Barbie

Breed: Mini Mancha   

Birthday: 2-15-2020          

Favorite Snack: Apples                      

Celebrity Alter Ego: JoJo Siwa

Personality: Loves playing dress up with Lily and Love

15Lily 2.19.20.jpg

Name: Lily

Breed: Mini Mancha

Birthday: 2-19-2020            

Favorite Snack: Grapes                       

Celebrity Alter Ego: Hannah Montana

Personality: Loves tea parties with her besties

Meet Lily - Click to Watch Her Video

Petunia 2.jpg

Name: Petunia

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf 

Birthday: 2-20-2020        

Favorite Snack: Anything sweet                      

Celebrity Alter Ego: Blossom

Personality: Loves her mommy

Meet Petunia - Click to Watch Her Video

23Caroline 3.22.18.jpg

Name: Caroline

Breed: Mini Mancha     

Birthday: 3-22-2018         

Favorite Snack: Spinach                       

Celebrity Alter Ego: Phoebe Buffay

Personality: Playful and free spirited

Meet Caoline - Click to Watch Her Video

Jean Louise.jpg

Name: Jean Louise

Breed: LaMancha     

Birthday: 3-4-2016         

Favorite Snack: Sweet Potatoes                        

Celebrity Alter Ego: Debra Messing 

Personality: Sweet redhead with a sassy side

The Guys

3Finnegan 2.20.20.jpg

Name: Finnegan (Buck)

Breed: LaMancha 

Birthday: 2-20-2020                       

Favorite Snack: Alfalfa Hay                      

Celebrity Alter Ego: Adam Levine

Personality: Can't wait to show the ladies his moves like Jagger

17Boogie 3.12.18.jpg

Name: Boogie (Buck)

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf

Birthday: 3-12-2018                 

Favorite Snack: Watermelon 

Celebrity Alter Ego: Elvis

Personality: Pretty young man with great hair

20Felix 2.22.18.jpg

Name: Felix (Buck)

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf

Birthday: 2-22-2018         

Favorite Snack: Tomatoes                      

Celebrity Alter Ego: Justin Bieber

Personality: Hottie with an edge

18Hagrid 2.23.20.jpg

Name: Hagrid (Buck)

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf 

Birthday: 2-23-2020        

Favorite Snack: Bananas                      

Celebrity Alter Ego: Adam Sandler

Personality: Comedian with a big mouth

19Albus 2.21.20.jpg

Name: Albus (Buck)

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf

Birthday: 2-21-2020        

Favorite Snack: Fruit Snacks                       

Celebrity Alter Ego: Morgan Freeman

Personality: Smooth young man with an old soul

21Domino 4.12.15.jpg

Name: Domino (Wether)

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf 

Birthday: 4-12-2015        

Favorite Snack: Raisins                       

Celebrity Alter Ego: Sean Hayes

Personality: Silly, Sensitive and Curious

22Eddie 3.22.18.jpg

Name: Eddie Spaghetti (Wether)

Breed: Mini Mancha   

Birthday: 3-22-2018           

Favorite Snack: Jalapenos                       

Celebrity Alter Ego: Matthew McConaughey

Personality: Silly, Goofball

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